These Parenting Types Are Most Effective During Adolescence


Parenting style affects every area of your child, from the way he or she eats, sleeps, or behaves to dealing with problems and interacting with people. The adolescence age is when some say that parenting becomes hard cause they want to make their own decisions and live his or her life. But there is some parenting style that researchers have found out that there are 4 types of parenting styles and their impart to adolescent.

1. Authoritarian parenting.

This type of parenting is when the parent is having control over their children all through. They don’t want to know about the opinion of the adolescent, they are the ones that have the mental to the whatever I say goes and no questions asked. They do not allow their children to attempt any challenges that will help build their problems solving skills and enforce punishment for any rules being broken instead of using discipline. This will make the adolescent’s decision-making skills poor because he or she can not do something without the involvement of mummy or daddy. The adolescent will have poor self-esteem because their opinions are not acknowledged, they also tend to be more aggressive to other people and become perfect liers to avoid trouble.

2. Authoritative parenting.

This kind of parenting is very good for adolescents, it entails dealing with consequences but the adolescent has a say or brings up a suggestion that the parent will acknowledge and take seriously. The parent ensures that the wellbeing of the child is stable before they start any form of discipline to their child. They also encourage good behavior and habits by giving rewards and stars for every deed done. The adolescent brought up with this parenting style will be very cheerful and happy. The adolescent will tend to make good decisions with good problem-solving skills.

3. Permissive parenting.

This type of parenting tends to have rules set for the young adult but does not properly enforce them. It is until a serious matter occurred that you see them taking action. They never have full control over their child. They are not viewed as parents sometimes they art more like a friend. The parent tries to have good communication with their children but rarely discourage the bad behavior committed and bad choices that are made. Adolescents under this parenting will have very bad behavior towards rules and discipline. The adolescent also will have bad hygiene and health habits because they are not supervised regularly.

4. Uninvolved parenting.

This type of parenting involves the parent leaving all responsibilities for the adolescent to handle things by themselves, they have no idea what their parent is doing at their back. If there are going to rule it will only be a few and the adolescent will not be properly monitored and guided. They tend to know little about their adolescent and how they have developed in life. The parents will only focus on other things like rent, work, food, and the likes. The adolescent tends to be unhappy all the time and free low self-esteem.

These types of parenting may be combined into two or more in a parent but the best parenting for adolescents is authoritative parenting. If your parent finds yourself using the other styles try your very best to act like an authoritative parent.