Which parenting style is most encouraged in modern America?

Parenting is a strong part of our social existence and whether we like it or not, we have to give it the proper acknowledgment and concern that it deserves. Whatever a country becomes has a lot to do with how the individuals that make up the country were raised as kids.

Poorly raised children will always grow up to become poorly behaved adults unless acted upon by a moral force beyond the force of their upbringing. In modern America, parenting is a prevalent topic, and in this article, We will take a quick look at some of the parenting styles, and then we will look at the one that’s most encouraged.

Parenting styles in America

There are several parenting styles in America, and all of them serve their different purposes. To some, one is most preferred, and to others, the other. However, each one of the parenting styles below has various pros and cons.

1. Authoritative

The authoritative parent is the parent who pays a lot of attention to the actions and behaviors of the children but doesn’t give them the freedom to make mistakes or do all they want. An authoritative parent believes that what he says is what must stand, and any child that does anything contrary to that will be punished.

2. Uninvolved

The uninvolved parent gives the children too much freedom. Sometimes, this kind of parent doesn’t do it intentionally; they just naturally don’t have the time to pay attention to raising the kids.

3. Permissive

This parent allows the child to do what they want but not ‘all’ they want. The permissive parent is more reasonable and accepts that the child can err once in a while and gives them the privilege to do that while correcting them along the way.

As mentioned earlier, all the above parenting styles have different pros and cons, and each parent either naturally adopts one or they choose which one they think will help their children become better. Most of the time, it comes naturally.

The most encouraged parenting style in America

It might be surprising to find out that the most encouraged parenting style in modern America is the authoritative parenting style. There are so many reasons why that is so, and some of them include building up the child’s self-esteem, helping them create and build their social skills, and putting them on the path that is correct to society.

An authoritative parent is a disciplinarian. He ensures that the child always does what is right and doesn’t let any mistake slide. He takes the child through every societal process and ensures that they act right both in the eyes of the law and of society. There are, however, some downsides to this as this parenting style is strict and gives the children only very little chance to express themselves.


That this parenting style is the most encouraged doesn’t mean that it is the best for everyone. Different parents choose the parenting styles that work for them; however, the most encouraged is the authoritative style.