What is right about Technology and Parenting

Being a parent and being a kid has completely changed over the past twenty years. 

Trying to raise a child is a difficult task. Several factors merge into being a parent, which have all changed all through the past few years. 

The presence of social media has made parents often ask themselves questions. They also feel a lot of pressure to have the best kids. These parents also have a network online where they can seek out support or advice. 

These days, parents opt to put their kids in front of screens instead of letting these kids have fun outside. The last two decades did wasn’t like this for Kids in any way. 

Both children and parents could get more disconnected from their kids. They could also become less present because of the amount of screen time. These are the reasons why parents need to remain mindful at all times. 

These days, parents live in entirely different worlds than the one they lived in when they grew up. 

Most times, we have parents who get influenced by specific trends and the environment at the end of the day. It is not surprising that raising a kid is now very different and way more challenging than some decades ago. Most times, when you look at all the new advances that are available technologically, they are way better than those that have been seen since those previous times and decades. 

In the past twenty years, being a parent has changed completely, and technology has a considerable part in these changes. 

Social media is a huge part of technology, and it makes parents second guess themselves repeatedly. 

Social media causes paralysis analysis. This makes it very tough for parents to settle and make the necessary decisions. 

Social media have several ways of impacting children. It also affects parents by making them feel like someone is judging and watching all they do at all times. 

Dr. Harvey Karp is a children’s environmental advocate for health, and he founded what we all know as Happiest Baby. He told insider about all be noticed and the visions that parents idealized on their responses pm social media and how these can question the choices they make over their kids’ lives. 

Well, this is what I believe, honestly speaking. You have a child, and you train a child. It is up to you to enable your child to make them happy. Happiness is the utmost goal. Every other thing should follow. Yeah, I know technology tries to serve as a competition against parenting and what parenting has to offer. But still, parents should know when to give their kids some space, and the kids should know when they should use the available technology with wisdom. As you train your child, parents and kids should do everything carefully to avoid stories that sadly touch the organ that pumps blood to the entire body (the heart, obviously). With this, everywhere should be fine.