What is Montessori Parenting?

The Montessori system of education was started by Maria Monterossi in 1907 in Rome. Her pattern of teaching children was based on the observations she made while visiting mental asylums in Rome. There, she observed that “children were in need of more stimulation from their environment.” She calls her experiments and findings “Scientific Pedagogy.”

Maria Montessori believes that her system of education is a channel to achieve world peace. According to her book “education and peace,” maria stated “preventing conflicts is the work of politics, but establishing peace is that of education.” She believes that allowing children to develop by their own laws will create a more peaceful civilization.

She was able to publish her first book about Montessori, Method Franchetti-Montessori, with the help of the Franchetti Barons (Leopoldo and Alice Franchetti), whom she lived with for 2 years.

The first Montessori school in the Us was opened in 1913 by Narcissa Cox Vanderlip, ever since then, it has spread like wildfire in the United States and the world at large.

What is Montessori Parenting?

Montessori parenting views children as independent beings and ties their learning to how prepared and supportive their environment is. Montessori stands by the idea that parenting should be relaxed and free, against the normal uptight tradition, toddlers are allowed to play freely as they wish and are not to be punished. Maria Monterossi in fact believes that the only way a parent should intervene in the kid’s learning is by providing Toys and making the environment safe for the baby.

Enforcing Montessori effectively can be tricky for parents who don’t really know much about it. Let’s take a look at the necessary guidelines to follow in order to enforce Montessori perfectly;

Montessori Guidelines

Safe Environment; one of the things that spurred MariaMOntessori into forming the Montessori system was her observations in Rome, on how the lack of stimulation impedes children’s development. Montessori’s system advises that a safe environment be created for children to play. Montessori believes this spurs the kid’s confidence and development towards making their own decisions.

Monitor the child

In as much as Montessori preaches independence in the child’s day to day activities, Montessorialso advocates planning of series of activity for the child, whilst the child chooses what other they want to carry out these activities


Montessori rebukes Punisments amongst children. Montessori believes that too many punishments on children will eventually force them into a whole, create a boundary between the relationship of the parents and the kids.  This is sometimes mistaken as freedom with abandonment but this is false, in Montessori education, expectations are used to guide the children towards positivity


Montessori advices freedom in the child’s day to day activities. In Montessori, it is believed that kids love to be in control over the basic things that they do. It helps to build their self-confidence, development and instills positivity in their life. Ou can simply apply this freedom at home in things as simple as dressing up, washing their hands, and using the toilet. in as much as this freedom is advised, reasonable boundaries should also be set.