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One parenting style that is slowly becoming popular is gentle parenting. So what is gentle parenting? And how is this method different from other parenting methods? Plus, are there any side effects of gentle parenting? Let’s find out.

What is gentle parenting? 

As the word denotes, Gentle parenting means approaching parenting from a more peaceful perspective. This parenting method involves parents shaping their behaviour based on the child’s state at a particular time. It is a method that encourages parents to study their children and understand what reactions are best for a specific time. For example, if a child starts throwing a tantrum, other than yelling at the child or disciplining him, gentle parenting involves knowing the reason behind the tantrum and what reaction suits best. This parenting method focuses extensively on understanding your children rather than dictating what you feel their behaviour should be like. What makes gentle parenting styles different from other parenting styles? 


Unlike other popular parenting styles, which focus on strict rules parents must follow, gentle parenting allows parents to put the feeling of their child ahead of their own. Lax or rigid parenting involves either under punishing the child or over punishing and restrictions. These methods have proven to have more negative effects on children’s overall behaviour. And as a result of the lack of consistency in that other parenting style, another more balanced way of parenting had to be invented. The search for balance in parenting is the birth of gentle parenting.

Have there been any positive results from this parenting style? Yes! Unlike other parenting styles that seem to be packed with many side effects, gentle parenting appears to have struck a balance. Parents who practice and are still practising this parenting style have so many positive things to say about it. Studies have shown that children raised under this type of parenting are more positive and outspoken. They also tend to be more balanced emotionally and identify and make the right decisions. Seeing all this positivity centred around this type of parenting must get you pumped and ready to put it into practice. So how can you get started? Tap on any of the links to get more information about gentle parenting? So are there any side effects of this parenting style? 


Well, most of the side effects of gentle parenting are from the parents themselves. These side effects come when parents fail to practice this parenting style accurately. When parents fail to understand why their child acts a particular way and then reacts wrongly to the situation, it could cause significant damage. To avoid any of these issues, parents would have to be balanced emotionally and remember that how the child feels is very important. Parents also have to understand that if they can encourage the right feelings from their children, they are much In a much better place to succeed. So you raise your children in a world that is rapidly developing, make sure to use a parenting method that is both balanced and practical.