What is Gender Neutral Parenting?

Opening this article with the answer to the question straight up. What is Gender Neutral Parenting? This is a parenting form in which parents do not restrict their kids when they are attracted to things that the world has assigned to other genders. I’m so glad I’m writing this piece because growing up as a boy, I was attracted to playing with toys that were perceived to be for ladies or girls. I loved playing with ladies‘ crowns and the kitchen toy sets. My baby sister, on the other hand, loved playing with cars and swords and weapons. Luckily for us all, we have gender-neutral parents. So at the end of the day, the goal is for us, their kids to end up happy. 


How can one have a conversation with their children about gender-related issues in a manner that’s appropriate for their age?

One of the best ways is a parent to do this is to provide for your kid’s books and movies, which merges things that have been assigned for just one gender or the other. Leave your kids and let them be free. You understand. Give them great role models through parts of life that they love and are already used to. In my case, Mama made use of cartoons. I watched Hercules, and I watched Barbie. My character right now is a combination of both these things. I’m healthy; I know who I am; I know where I want to be. I am me. You know. But if your child is limited to only one side or one part of life, they would be stunted in more ways than one. You understand. Let them grow. 

How can gender stereotypes affect a child?

There are severe adverse effects. Let me list them out for you.

These kids who try to conform to restrictive rules to their gender do nothing but cultivate the skills and qualities that are ink acceptable to their gender.

 Because of this, growing up, they become stunted psychologically and emotionally. This always leads to a reduction in the rate at which they would grow and become themselves. They could end up living a life that is not deserving of who they are.

Like how girls who have been conditioned end up becoming so quiet so they would feel girly or how boys become bullies consciously to have their manhood identity out in the open. Trust me when I say this, I am who I am, I am me, and there’s nothing no one can say about that. Come and give it your best shot and see. 

Kids that don’t bend to the stereotypes available would get bullied and end up alone from their peers. 

This is quite painful. The worst part is that the adults around would tell you to behave to reduce the bullying. These adults should go and get those bullies and help the kids put them in their place.