What is a Multi Family Home?

photo of building with stairs

Have you ever wondered what a multi-family home is? This can be one of the most confusing words used in property sales. I would be setting the record straight by providing you with all the information you need to know about what a multi-family home is?

There are many ways in which residential real estate can be classified. Multifamily homes could either be two-story, three-story, or even four-story. A multifamily home can also be classified as low-rise or high-rise, depending on the number of stories the building has.

Multifamily homes are located in neighborhoods that generally consist of two to six units per building. Although some multifamily homes share kitchens and living rooms, there are many other common living areas. However, this is not to say that the grouping of units is identical. Each unit may be unique in terms of the number of bedrooms or amenities.

If a family wanted to own a house in the 1970s, they could either buy a single-family home or buy a duplex, a triplex, or a fourplex.

The single-family home was owned in its entirety, and the homeowner enjoyed full rights to occupy it. The duplex was owned by two families, each of which had full rights to occupy. The triplex was owned by three families, each of which had full rights to occupy. And the quadplex was owned by four families, each of which had full rights to occupy.

In 1977, the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development began requiring that each new building be designed for a minimum of four families.

So, in 1977, the single-family home became less common, and multi-family housing became more common.

Today, if a homeowner wants to own a house, she can buy either (a) a single-family home or (b) a multi-family home.

A single-family home is owned in its entirety, and the homeowner enjoys full rights to occupy it.

A multi-family home is owned by one or more families, each with full rights to occupy.

A Multifamily home is a residential property where individual housing units occupied by unrelated persons share a common wall. Multifamily homes commonly include apartments or condominiums owned by multiple people or a mobile home park or trailer park. Multifamily homes also may include smaller units rented to unrelated persons, such as student housing.

A multi-housing community is a housing subdivision where more than one type of dwelling unit is available.

Multifamily housing attracts people of all ages, income levels, and stages of life. It is a popular choice for retirees, singles, and young couples.

The demand for multifamily housing has increased as many Americans have become either unable or unwilling to buy single- or multiple-family homes.

Multifamily housing may also serve as a transitional housing option for people who have become homeless. These individuals may remain in multi-housing communities until they can find permanent housing.


Most multi-housing communities offer residents a complete set of amenities, including swimming pools, laundry facilities, playgrounds, tennis courts, and clubhouses. Multifamily housing is popular with young, single, and elderly renters.

Multi-family is also an affordable option for many renters and housing communities, providing renters with a sense of community. It offers renters more privacy than do other residential areas.

Multifamily housing communities offer renters more privacy than do other residential areas. They are located near major employment centers and shopping facilities, making them desirable places to live.