What Do Home Inspectors Look For?


In the state of buying a house, the buyer may call an inspector to check the house to see if the house is strong enough to live in, the inspector will check for things that are no longer working in the house, if the house is still in perfect condition and if there is anything that needs fixing. He will then write down things that will help in the buying of the house, changing the price of the house, uncover the malfunction of the house, and letting the seller fix it before selling.

There are some specific areas that the home inspector normally look at, and these places :

The structure of the house.

The home inspector gets on the roof for houses that is around hurricane zones, hits the top of the ceiling, looks for water leakage, checks the attic, he checks if the floor is smooth. He looks if the foundation is strong, the windows are properly set, the wiring is legit.

The roof.

The roof is closely checked for any loose tiles. If there is a tree branch around the house that is connected to the roof can easily let rodents and reptiles into the house and can destroy the house if there is any storm. The drainage on the roof is also notified, that is if there is any blockage in the gutters and to see if the drainage is placed correctly.


All the pipelines will be tested, including all the wastage pipelines connected in the house. The water that is coming in and going out is checked with the water distribution company. The drainage will be looked at for any leakage if the filtering equipment is properly placed if minerals are dumped inside the water. The inspector may also check the water for microorganisms.

Power supply and electrical.

All electrical appliances are placed to see if they are running smoothly. All the sockets, distribution panels, grounding equipment are checked to see if it is of low quality and if it is working perfectly. The places where the smoke detectors are kept are also noted in the inspector report.

Air conditioning and heating systems.

The whole air condition and heating systems are checked to see if it is in perfect condition, also the proper filters are tested for the consumption of power. The pipes used to transport air are checked for weakening. The chimneys should be clear of rodents and birds and the frame of the chimney should be firm.

Air circulation and insulation.

The insulation in the attic and basement are checked out and recorded and all the venting fans that are not working properly are also noted.


The windows, cabinet, number of doors, countertops, staircases are all jotted on his report, he also notes the appliances that are not working as they should by testing them, the ones that are from the house and the ones that come with the contract.