What are the Top 5 Sororities?

Today many of the people championing women’s rights have actually progressed in their activities, equalities, and public service work. No wonder the enrollment of sororities has grown.

Below are the top five sororities, check it out!

1. Chi Omega

Based on numbers, Chi Omega is the top one sorority. It has over 345,000 initiated members, 243 alumnae chapters, and 180 collegiate. The Chi Omega is known for its popularity. Celebrities and famous people are also part of this sorority. It was founded in the year 1895 at the University of Arkansas. The Chi Omega is the most known sorority and so this makes it the top one.

2. Alpha Kappa Alpha

Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded in the year 1908 at Howard University. This is No. 2 because of its long-term existence and number of members. There are also celebrities in this Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and stands out to be the oldest. The women involved in this sorority are Katherine G, Maya Angelou, Phylicia Rashad, Wanda Sykes, Althea Gibson, Star Jones, Alice Walker, Rose Parks, Kamala Harris, and many more.

This society supports its members through professional and personal development. It enhances social change and is of service to all mankind. It has a total number of 290,000 members coming from across the globe. In the year 2016, the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority donated a sum of $5 million to different community organizations through scholarship and also served more than 2 million families yearly.

3. Kappa Alpha Theta

Kappa Alpha Theta is the No. 3 sorority, and it consists of many numbers of celebrities and famous people. There are over 220,000 international women that are part of this sorority. The celebrities who are part of this society and have pledged to it include Sheryl Crow, Tory Burch, Barbara, Bush, Jenna Bush, Laura Bush, Melinda Gates, Sarah Clark, Claire McCaskill, Katie Lee Joel, Amy Grant, Ann Margret, Dylan Lauren, Cindy McCain, Stephanie Marsh, Rue McClanahan, Kerri Strug, Lynne Cheney.

4. Alpha Delta Pi

Alpha Delta Pi was founded in the year 1851 and is automatically known as the oldest. It was founded at the Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. It is also known as the country’s first secret society for women. In the year 1905, this sorority got the name Alpha Delta Pi. The sorority has grown to 155 chapters active including in the U.S. and Canada.

5. Delta Sigma Theta

Founded at Howard University in the year 1913, Delta Sigma is known as the largest Greek alphabet sorority for black women. Just two months after it was founded, the sisters participated in the women’s suffrage march in Washington D.C.

Over the last century, Delta Sigma Theta has grown to about 1000 chapters and joins in the “five-point,” which includes economic development, international awareness, educational development, political awareness and involvement and physical, and mental health.

These sororities are all important in their own way. They help in socialization and communication, assist others through volunteerism and philanthropy, and make provisions where others can benefit.