The Pandemic’s Impact on Early Education

I doubt there is anyone that did not suffer from the horrible effects and impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Several parents from California did not want to return to learning remotely. But either way, they still did it. They had high hopes of getting back to campus at various points during the school year. 

But for young ones that were just starting school for the first time, the choice to commit to learning through remote means was quite difficult. 

Looking at the horrible rigors these beautiful young kids had to suffer from learning through the distance, lots of kindergarten parents have decided to keep their kids in preschool. This is a familiar and safe option that has allowed and let young kids enjoy the personal development that is needed by them. Affluent parents could have opted to send their kids to private schools. Most times, these have smaller class sizes and very big campuses. This makes the in-person lectures and all quite safer. Families that gain low or poor income could have forgotten about schooling because trust me, that mad pandemic was stressful. 

All through the advocates of early childhood, these all warn that some kids could struggle seriously when it is time for them to enter the first fall grade. 

For young kids, their first year is extremely essential. The learning they need to go through is one of the most important parts that would affect them all through their academic lives. From this age, the brains of these kids are burning with fire. A year of development at this age for us adults is like ten years. The reason is that when one becomes an adult, there are lots of things that serve as distractions which would reduce the rate at which we learn new things and develop. But as very young children, whatever we see, whatever we learn around us, we immediately pick it up and grow. As fast as possible. 

Now think about the horrible impact and effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on young kids trying to begin school for the first time. I even have the first-hand experience over this particular issue. Let me break it down.

What happened to my Baby Brother as a result of the COVID Pandemic 

My brother was just starting school. It was around his second year after kindergarten. Unlike us, in the house, he did not start talking early. He became five in January and till now he doesn’t talk as well as kids his age. We contribute to him not talking but the pandemic is to blame too. This is because if not for the pandemic, he would have mixed and merged with his friends properly, and before one knew it, he’s talking would have advanced and he would have been speaking English properly at this point. But because he was home all through 2020, he missed out on very important parts of his academic life. With time, he would catch up for sure.