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How Can Positive Parenting Encourage Personal Development?

Positive parenting, oh I want to be a positive parent, I want to be positive in all essential parts of my life. Let me briefly explain positive parenting.

Positive Parenting Definition 

Positive Parenting refers to an epic approach that’s built on mutual respect and communication. This means that as a parent, we need to treat our kids as people instead of our properties. This approach looks at the future, looks at learning, it doesn’t look at punishing these kids for things they have done in the past. 

Positive Parenting does not just include teaching kids but it also looks at why, when, where, who of a situation instead of just what.

Let us look at whole grand concepts of positive parenting and also talk about the benefits of parenting your kids positively. 

The essence of parenting your kids positively

  1. You get to build a beautiful bond between yourself and your child.
  2. You increase the chances of mutual respect.
  3. You encourage your kids to communicate 
  4. You develop relationships with are lovely and filled with trust.
  5. Your child wouldn’t be scared to tell you how they feel and talk about all the things that bother them.
  6. You get to boost the self-esteem of your child and their confidence.
  7. You get to promote affection and love for your kid. 
  8. The negative behavior your child has would keep flowing away over time. 
  9. You would help your child grow and their brain would hit Infinitum within no time.
  10. You get to set lovely examples for your kids.
  11. Your children and you would understand others, the world, and each other better
  12. You get to ensure that your child would be healthy mentally and emotionally.

How Personal Development can get Encouraged From Positive Parenting 

As I just mentioned earlier, the advantages of positively parenting your kids are so many. You get to train yourself more in the process. I would like you to believe that you do not know everything. I do not know everything. I don’t have all the answers. Your child doesn’t have all the answers too. That is why you are there for your kids to serve as their parents and they are here for you to train them. If you keep treating your children like they are your property or you own them the way you own a bucket or a stereo set, they would begin to act out, they would want to be on their own, they would want to distance themselves, and wouldn’t want to stick close to you anymore. Do you understand? But when you treat these lovely kids like they are their people, hear them out when they have something to say, support them, advise them with care and love when they are wrong and all of that, trust me, with no time you would personally develop with haste, speed, and efficiency. It is said that the best parents are those that have the best children. When you see your kids thriving, you’ll know you’ve done a great job. 

Why music is important for child development

They say music is food for the soul; as true as that is, it also plays an important role in the development of a child’s mind if you notice, even as adults, sometimes, listening to music helps you to calm your nerves and put yourself in a good mood.

Parents, over the years, have been using music (lullabies) to keep the children quiet and in bed. They also use music as a means of showing their love and affection to their babies from infancy even till their teenage days. It begs the question of what music is to children and how it helps child development.

How does music help with child development?

Music can mean different things to different people and to your kids, it could mean a way of expressing parental love and affection. Below are some of the benefits of music to child development:

1. Mental development

The sooner you begin to take your kids through music, the quicker it is for them to understand words, rhythm, and actions. Mental development using music can come from different angles, and one of them is through music games, participation in musical activities, and so on.

2. Improvement of social skills

Music helps older kids to learn to socialize, make new friends, and express themselves better in the midst of their peers. If you are not sure what you can do to help your kids improve on their communication and expression among their friends, put them in a music class. The better they get at understanding music, the more developed their social skills.

3. It can boost self-confidence

It’s not just the music but the feeling that they can actually do something that others are interested in; something that makes people look up to them as experienced; something that makes them feel important. Playing an instrument or singing is a great way to express oneself, and the moment there is acceptance from others, self-confidence is boosted.

4. A new way to have fun

Music is fun. It is food for the soul as well as food for the body. Music can help to take a child’s mind off any destructive forms of play and focus it on the more rhythmic ones. 

5. Music helps the child relax

Different people have different genres of music that appeal to them, and no matter what their choice is, they will still be able to comfort themselves with it. Starting your kids early with music will help them find relaxation, calmness, and peace with it. This will help them focus on more important aspects of their lives, like academics and the likes.

6. Encourages memorization of language in toddlers

Toddlers learn most of the things they know from what they hear and repeatedly do. The more nursery rhymes you sing to them, the better they get at using words as they grow. Another known way to improve memorization is by using this multivitamin.


Music has several benefits to offer children of different age grades. Preschoolers, school-age kids, and teenagers alike. What matters the most is starting them up with it from their tender age.