Most Popular Vegetarian Recipe for Vegetarians at Thanksgiving

As a vegetarian who’s always attending gatherings and thanksgivings alike, you would notice that the meal plans are made with or always revolving around the turkey. As a vegetarian, this can be a hard nut to crack. Questions such as, “What am I to eat now?” and the likes start hover in your mind.

Generally, vegetarians have meals which are suitable for consumption, but, the thing is, not everyone knows what they are or how they can be prepared. Hence, we see the neglect at Thanksgivings. I guess all that is about to change now because in this article, we shall take you through the most popular vegetarian recipes for vegetarians at Thanksgiving.

1. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are always roasted to a crispy point. Looking at it from the outside, you’d get worried and probably think that they are burnt. The point is that no, they aren’t. On the inside, Brussels sprouts tend to come off as delicious, and that isn’t bad news entirely. If you want to get the best out of this meal, you have to opt for dipping them inside a date molasses. These dates often possess a thick consistency and a very sweet taste.

2. Fancy Cranberry Sauce

Everyone wants a sauce that will be in slices and is fun to get out of a can. This sauce is going to possess a fruit-like flavor. The Fancy Cranberry Sauce is to be spiced with cardamom and bay leaves. You can dip this sauce in gelatin. This is one of the most enjoyable meals in every gathering, especially if it’s a family thanksgiving

3. Mashed Potatoes

A lot of vegetarians that I have met in the past would agree on how they love to eat mashed potatoes so much. When crispy crunchies are added, a vegetarian would be able to enjoy this meal to the maximum!  Also, roasting the mashed potatoes will help the flavor to settle.

4. Glazed Leeks

One thing about glazed leaks is that when made with Pine Nut Salsa, they tend to turn into something that you never imagined. When cooking, you have to pay close attention and only bring it down when it’s tender. You should ensure that the leeks are served when warm. However, you can cook it ahead of time and have it kept at room temperature.

5. Coconut Creamed Greens

You may get skeptical when it comes to creamed greens, but as soon as it has to do with creamed greens made with coconut, you can never go wrong. For a tasty coconut creamed green, ensure that you pair it with a hot chile, coconut milk, and spices. This helps to give the meal a pleasurable bittersweet taste that you would love as a vegetarian.

This list comprises some of the most popular vegetarian recipes for vegetarians at Thanksgiving. We hope you found this helpful.