Landscaping Ideas for Your Home

During the process of acquiring your land, you might be blessed with a lot of trees, but not all of them would be useful for your home decoration. The process of getting your tree removed or pruned requires a big event. First, you would need to know the situation of the tree stump compared to before, then you would notice some wood chips around it. When removing a tree, there would be a lot of packing of woods. When a tree is cut down and you begin to pack them, they would run through a wood chipper which would later turn to wood chips.

A similar situation happens with a tree stumper which grinds the tree into smaller pieces. The use of wood chippers has proven to be convenient and reduces the cost of tree removal, pruning, or even stump grinding. In the process of grinding and chipping, you would still be left with what to do with the wood chips. 

Use wood chips as Mulch

The best idea in using wood chips is by applying them as organic mulch which would help in some of your plants or around some of your trees with a PTO wood chipper. With the proper application mulches can be used to reduce the growth of the weed, sustain water to the soil and maintain the soil temperature, as the mulch becomes thinner you would need to replenish it. 

Other creative things to do with wood chips

There are several creative things that you can do with wood chips other than using them as a mulch.

  • Play area: You can use the wood chips as a play area for your children, the use of these wood chips would prevent soil compaction. 
  • Apply to trees with pots: you can apply wood chips to any form of open soil or even potting soil. 
  • Informal path: wood chips can be used to prevent your soil from erosion or even compaction. 
  • Sheet Mulching: whenever you have a plan to convert your lawn area to a planting bed, you can cover some area of your lawn with cardboard and then cover the area with wood chips that would kill the grass beneath it and compost it. Whenever you decide to plant you can use a rake to pack the compost, then dig up a hole to plant whatever you want to plant. 

Landscaping ideas after tree removal

There are several reasons why trees are removed, there are some trees that how old and die, some get infested and some become an unnecessary nuisance. Sometimes trees might be a disturbance especially with buildings around, this would require you to remove the trees. The amazing news is that there is a couple of landscaping idea that can be used after a tree has been removed. 

Planting of grass

Before you begin to plant grasses you would need to make sure the soil ph level is balanced so that the plants would be healthy. After a tree has been removed the wood chips and roots would prevent plants from growing. You can remove the wood chips and then add some layer of nitrogen fertilizers, and some layer of compost, and topsoil, you can repeat the process. 

Building a stone path or water feature

This isn’t a project that you can do yourself, so you would need to consult a landscaping company to help use a stump location and convert it to a masterpiece. By building such a grand feature it would only cost you some money, because if it is done wrong then you would get to spend more and also have an unpleasant appearance.