How to Teach Self Love to Your Kids


Ah yes, teaching self-love to your kids. Self-esteem = Self-love. I’ll be explaining why self-esteem is critical before I carry on to show you how you can teach our kids to love themselves.

The Essence of Self Esteem 

Beautiful kids that feel great about themselves always have the confidence to try brand-new things. They are most likely to do their best. They always feel proud of themselves and the things they can do. 

Self-esteem helps young ones to feel better about themselves when they make mistakes. Self-esteem tells them, “ Hey, I’m human; humans make mistakes.” Kids with high self-esteem try again. Even if they don’t get it right the first time, they learn to love themselves first before loving someone else. And when you teach them how to have self-love for themselves, together you can take it higher. 

Because it this, if you have a child that’s in school, with high self-esteem, you’ll notice that they do great in school, they are so social with their friends too.

It would help if you taught your child how they could grow their self-esteem. If they have low self-esteem, they will keep doubting themselves, and that is not healthy. 

How to teach my child self-esteem.

You can teach them self-esteem by always being there for them and showing them loving care and positive attention. Make your child feel accepted, loved, and safe. This way, they can grow knowing you always have their back, and they would kick ass in whatever they try to do. 

As babies grow to become toddlers and then young kids, they learn to do some things independently. They keep feeling good about themselves whenever they try out their new skills. Their rate of self-esteem grows whenever their parents pay full attention to them. You should let your young ones try; if they fail at it, correct them with a smile and make them feel the pride in you because they are putting in the effort. 

As your kids grow up, their levels of self-esteem grow too. Whenever your little one tries something new, like learning things, this could be an excellent way for their self-esteem to grow. 

Ways you can watch your Kids Self-love grow.

Your child’s self-love grows when they make proper progress, when they learn new things in school, when they have fantastic friends, they have new skills like tech skills, cooking, art, sports, and music. When they also practice favorite activities, when they are kind, or they give or help, they get praised for behaving very well. When they try very hard to get what they want, and they never give up, when they feel accepted and understood when they are not sidelined, and even when that happens, they leave a place when they feel they are not wanted. When they get an excellent grade or a prize for something they worked hard for.  

When your child loves themselves, they live in their universe where there’s nothing but peace, happiness, joy, and love.