How to teach kids to read

The most basic knowledge a child should have as they grow is how to read. Knowing how to read is what forms their understanding of all the other school subjects. The earlier your child learns to read, the faster and easier it is for them to catch up with school work.

Are you a parent looking for the best and quickest way to teach your kids how to read? Have you tried some of the techniques you think should work but didn’t? Let me show you some simple things you can do in this article to teach your kids the basics of reading.

How to teach kids to read

Below are some of the steps you can take to teach your kids to read:

1. Start very early

The best way to do anything is to start very early. Whether you are teaching your kids maths or the basics of sports and physics, it always helps to start them up with it early so that they grow into the knowledge and the willingness to want to learn more. If your kids are grown, you don’t have to worry; the following steps will help you.

2. Nursery rhymes and catchy songs

There is a reason some of the biggest schools teach their kids nursery rhymes. One of the most important reasons is that nursery rhymes are easy to memorize. When your child has fully gotten the lyrics in the nursery rhymes, you can begin to show them the spellings of the words. Let them read the lyrics aloud and sing the songs along.

3. Word games

What’s the one sure way to catch a child’s attention? Games. Children want to always have fun; letting them play games and learn at the same time is killing two birds with one stone. Word games for children are very easy to play and can be downloaded on mobile.

4. Read with them regularly

If you are a parent who loves to read bedtime stories to your toddlers and preschoolers, you can start to incorporate something different into that. Why not start to point out the words you read to them. That way, they will be involved in the process, and when they want to read by themselves, they can identify some of the words.

5. Understand that it will take some time

Everything takes time. Teaching your kids may take a very long time than you imagine. You should also note that each child has what works for them. Just because your friend’s child has started catching up doesn’t mean that your child must follow suit. Take it slow, take it gently, be patient, and with time, they will learn and get better at it.


Learning has never been an easy thing for kids. The older they grow, the easier it is for them to learn, and the better they get at it. Remember that it will take some time. A child’s ability to retain information is different from that of an adult, and as such, you have to be cautious not to rush them or force the process.