How to Teach Kids to Read Music

Teaching someone who doesn’t know how to read music could be challenging. However, it is something you can learn to do with practice and patience, especially if it is broken down into easy steps.

In the beginning, when you start learning the theory of music, it is typically because you want to start learning a particular instrument. This is one of the best ways to start.

Steps in Reading Music for Kids

Learn the Time Values for the Notes

Depending on the child’s age, they could learn how to read music through various rhythmic memory games. They explain the notation of music in a way a child will be able to learn. It is also a bonus that there are fun games that the kids will be happy to learn and play them over and over. To start, you could check out The Note Family Stories eBook. This is a good way for the kids to learn music values.

Learn the Names of the Notes

You could teach kids how to use an animal-themed music memory game to help with learning their note orders. It’s a good way for kids to learn, as they get visual triggers which are easier to put in their minds. Older kids find this method helpful too.

The game goes like this. Introduce Do Re Mi on how to read music.

Do – Re – Mi, or Solfege, is a tried and true way of learning how to read music. It works well. It makes the child sing it out so they can hear themselves singing in their heads.

The Solfege also makes use of games and songs, so young kids can start their training on music.

Understand the Clefs and the Stave

These look a little bit intimidating, but it is best it is explained in a way the kids can see it. Try it in front of an instrument like a piano or a keyboard. Like words written in lines, that’s how music notes should be written too. But for music, you need more lines that go down and up. This is why with stave there are about five lines, while clefs tell you if there are high notes or if they are low notes. High clefs are trebles, while low clefs are bass.

With these basic steps, you’re on the right path to teaching your kids to read music.