How to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Obesity isn’t just the condition of being fat- there is nothing medically wrong with fat. Obesity is a medical condition that involves the presence of excessive body fat which leaves the body vulnerable to health problems. Childhood Obesity has been adjudged by medical experts to be the leading cause of coronary heart disease in adults. To prevent childhood obesity, parents must take the following steps:

  1. Exercise:

While genetic factors could place children at a disadvantage when it comes to their chance of being obese, it is the choices that they may in their lives that determines whether or not they will end up obese. That is why a parent must inculcate in their children from an early age the need for regular exercise. Childhood obesity usually results from children taking in more calories than they burn out. Parents need to promote some form of physical activity which helps their children burn calories.

  1. Watch what you:

Parents need to reduce the consumption of soft drinks and other sugary foods that are high in fat as these promote obesity. It is said that to conquer a bad habit, you must replace it with a good one as nature abhors a vacuum. In a similar sense, instead of the unhealthy diet mentioned earlier, parents are better off serving water, milk low in fat, fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks as replacements.

  1. Do not use food as an incentive:

Parents do well to avoid using food as a bribe or incentive to coerce their kids to perform a task as this may create an unhealthy pattern.

  1. Adopt a cooking technique that is lower in fat:

Parents should avoid cooking techniques like frying which involves the uses of more fat and instead, adopt methods like baking and steaming.

  1. Eat Less:

Since it is a proven fact that overeating is the major cause of childhood obesity, parents should serve a smaller portion to their children. The children do not have to eat as much at one sitting as they can always eat later.

  1. Adopting proper eating etiquette:

Adopting proper eating etiquettes such as eating at a table as opposed to eating in front of a television or computer can help children become more aware of feeling full and thus, avoid overeating.

  1. Ensuring that children do not skip meals:

It has been observed that when children skip meals, they are more likely to overeat in a bid to compensate for the missed meal.

  1. Make plans for Recreation:

Play is important to the health of children. Parents who want to prevent obesity in their children must actively plan outings with their children.

  1. Sleep:

Parents must ensure that their kids get good rest at night and regular naps during the day as this help reduce the chances of obesity.

  1.  Chores:

Carrying out chores is one way that children get active and moving. A parent who desires to prevent childhood obesity may delegate chores to their kids.

In conclusion, children learn best from what they see and not what you tell them. It is impracticable for obese parents to instil the tenets of healthy living in their children. The point is, the prevention of childhood obesity must begin with adults or parents themselves.