How to Improve Communication With Your Children


Children are the heritage of the lord. They do different things like, getting you angry, making you laugh and forget your sorrow, they make you proud and happy, and they also make you not feel empty.

As good as they are, they have different behaviors. Some are active all the time, some are quiet and calm, some are introverts and extroverts. let us take for example a child that doesn’t talk to anyone even 8f he or she is passing through pains.

As a parent how can you handle such a child? It is very simple but needs action. They can never be closer than anybody out here apart from you the parents. That is why parents have a lot of responsibilities in front of them.

Ways to improve communication with your children

This article will take you through different ways to communicate very well with your children. Below are the ways to communicate with your children:

1. Perceive the child’s attitude towards a  conversation.

Children can be so funny especially when they are fed up with a particular discussion, they will begin to portray some attitudes that will make you feel they are no more interested.

As a parent, your job is to watch very well whether the child still wants to continue with the conversation or not. Children give different signs when they are no more interested in conversation like asking unnecessary questions over and over again, looking up and down as if they are looking for something. At this point, you should quickly notice that the child wants a change of topic.

2. Ask them questions that are in line with your thoughts

Whatever you want to carry out, make sure your child is involved to keep him or her actions at all times. For example, let’s assume you want to get a new apartment and you are not sure where to get it, you can ask the child where he or she will love to stay apart from the current location. A question like, hey! Where do you think we can relocate to? Where exactly has been on your mind?

3. Do not use insulting words on your children

Some parents think insulting their children will make them behave well and better but they don’t know this will add to their misbehaviors.

Parents should stop doing things that will make their children feel embarrassed and ashamed. When you shame a child, it makes that child feel belittled and also feel less important.

4.correct a child in a lovely way

When a child does something wrong that is annoying, as a parent, all you need to do is to give the child attention and good instructions on how to behave him or herself very well next time. When you correct a child severely, he or she will not take to correction quickly and that child will end up doing that same thing again.

5. Help your child to express his feelings

As parents, we listen a lot, which makes us good listeners. When your child is listing out his feelings, try to make them feel it has also happened to you before, as you do that it will make them feel they are not alone and their experience is not the first and will never be the last.