cartoon character street wall painting

Do you have a kid who is enthusiastic about us? Or probably you have a kid who seems to have a gift with painting or drawing? If you are former or the latter, you are probably wondering how to help your kid find out their style and know what career path to take. Another good reason to know is that it allows kids to add their new trends and feeling to each piece. Never make this decision for your kid because whatever they decide would be their signature and unique touch. But how can you help them make their choice? Well, by going through some of the fantastic and popular art trends. 



Among all the types or are popular arts among teens, Graffiti stood out. But Graffiti is considered a street painting and is mainly found on the walls of cities. As you explore this type of art with your kids, Be sure to explain the painting style perfectly and how exactly it works. Doing so would help decide for your child faster. 


Now, this is the most complex but straightforward art style out there. Abstract painting is one of the best ways to help kids figure out their art style. It is a combination of shapes and produces something beautiful. It is called abstract because it could mean whatever the artist wants it to mean. It is also very sort out because art fanatics could feel the emotion behind the painting. So if you are a parent trying to help your kid understand his art style, you should try out abstract painting together.


Another viral art is originated from pop. It combines popular things familiar to our environment to produce great art masterpieces. It could also be a good way for kids to express their love and connection to the environment around them. This is because this type of art is both inspiring and attractive and could spark life in the heart of any art enthusiast, both young and old. But what should be your goal as a parent while working through these types of art with your kids? Let’s find out.


As a parent, you care for your kids so much and only want the best for them. This is what motivates you to go through this journey with your kids. But remember, though, that it is your kid who has the final say and would decide his style and flair at the end. Your job as parents is to help ensure that the journey is as smooth as possible. Also, note that there are many other art styles to choose from. All that is required on the part of parents it’s patience and seeing it as necessary. Once your kids have successfully decided what art style perfectly suits them, your job as a parent is to help them build on that style.