How to Explain the Food Pyramid to Kids

Our bodies need regular healthy food to develop. A food pyramid as the name suggests is a graphic illustration of all the healthy food the body needs to grow in the shape of a pyramid. Kids need to know and understand the food pyramid as its content is inimical to their growth and development. In this article, we will show you steps on how to explain the food pyramid to kids.

Step 1: Use the Pyramid

As a general rule subject to very few exceptions, children learn more from what they see than from what you tell them. That is why to explain the food pyramid to kids, you need to have the food pyramid to show to them. Since the food pyramid is segmented into 5 groups that suggest the nutrient needed for a human body and each food group is represented by different colors, you could make it a game. Children learn best in an atmosphere of fun or play. So why not ask them to point out the food items that they notice in a particular group? You could even go further to award them treats or something as small as applause for each one that they get right.

No doubt, you have taught the kids the importance of color codes on the traffic light because you know that knowledge of what those colors mean could help keep them safe. It should be no different from the colors on a food pyramid. Tell them the meaning of these colors and even have them recite them every day. Let them know that the color Orange represents grains such as cereal, bread, pasta, and rice; and that the color Green depicts all kinds of vegetables while the color Red represents fruits. Yellow stands for Oils and fats and Blue is for dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese. Purple represents proteins of all kinds such as fish, meats, beans, and nuts. You may wonder whether this is not too comprehensive a knowledge for kids. But the fact is, we sometimes overly underestimate the learning capacity of our kids. Besides, technology has made learning not only easy but fun as there is a wide range of food matching games you could download to help inculcate the meaning of these colors into their young impressionable minds.

Step 2: Be good role models

As earlier canvassed, children learn more from what they see than from what you tell them. And what they see includes YOU. The best way to explain the food pyramid to kids is to show them by your example day by day that you believe and live by the food pyramid. Or, how else are they supposed to take seriously whatever it is that you tell them about the food pyramid? One obvious way to be good role models to kids to aid their understanding of the food pyramid is to make healthy snacks available at home. We all know that children love snacking, so why not prepare snacks based on the food pyramid for their consumption. That way, instead of gulping up snacks filled with sugar, they can snack healthy.