How To Become A Homeschool Teacher

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Becoming a homeschool teacher has some requirements and these requirements may vary from state to state. Talking about homeschooling, it’s important for you to first decide exactly what kind of homeschooling you want for your child. In Tennessee for Instance before you give your child homeschooling you have to decide if it is Independent homeschooling, a Church-related umbrella school, or an accredited online school. According to the Tennessee Code Annotated ยง 49-6-3050): “A home school is a school conducted or directed by a parent or parents or a legal guardian or guardians for their children.” This can mean that you can be a Parent Teacher to your child or a guardian, homeschooling another person’s child.

What does it take to Homeschool?

Applying for Homeschooling

Firstly you might want to get a list of home school contacts in each district and other relevant places like where you can pick a pearl or two concerning homeschooling.  Do the necessary registrations like getting and filling the intent to home school form. Meet with the director of schools and submit necessary pieces of information about your child like the name, age,  number, grade level of the child to be homeschooled, and so on.

Planning and Curriculum

It doesn’t matter what age or level your child is, there will be a need for the planning of a course of study backed with proper records of time and perhaps topics covered because these will be presented at the beginning of every school year to the local director of schools. There is an expected number of learning hours that should be recorded every day. In the state of Tennesse for instance,  homeschooling students are expected to be in class attendance at least 4hours a day or 180 days per year. You might want to also make plans for fun times and games especially for very young children as they need these as part of their education. For older children, it might be some minutes break and then back to learning. As simple as this sounds it’s also important to achieve productive homeschooling.

Present Proof of Qualification

Before you become a parent-teacher even to your child you will be required to have achieved some level of education yourself. You should have achieved a high school diploma or a GED which you will be required to show proof of.

Create a Conducive Learning Environment

Another very important thing to consider before starting a homeschool is the condition of the place for homeschooling. You might not achieve your educational goal if the environment is not conducive. So you must know how to maneuver your environment to achieve your educational goal.

Lastly, it’s very important to note that without discipline and consistency it will be almost impossible to achieve your educational goals. This is because excuses might start having reoccurring excuses why you can’t do schooling each day. So, to go past that you must be consistent. A timetable will be very useful to help with consistency.