How Single Moms Survived Parenting During the Pandemic


The pandemic was not a fun time of our lives. It was challenging and highly stressful. The question above, “ How Single Moms Survived Parenting during the Pandemic? “ Have been asked by me a million times. Like how did single mothers survive during that very harsh pandemic? All alone, no husband or partner close by? That must have been not easy. Well, if you came here searching for answers, I’m glad to tell you I’ve got some. Read along and find out more. 

Methods How Single Moms Survived Parenting during the Pandemic

Talking about the complete daily life of someone that worked all through the quarantine and for a mother that is taking care of her kids and home is not a small task. Some single moms also got laid off as a result of the pandemic. It wasn’t easy. 

We don’t have magic in the real world. I have organized some advice that I got from single moms that survived and are still pulling through. This advice focuses on tips that reach out to get help. Some of this is highly crucial in balancing time and work with the kids. This could be pretty impossible, and they’ve stated this most times. And of course, that’s when your kid would decide to be stubborn. 

Properly acknowledging all of that, you know that as a single mom in a pandemic, you would simply be trying to survive. In those times, these moms stated that one needs to be kind to their selves. Though it could be lonely, you’re not the only person suffering through all of this. Everyone is suffering through this in one way or another and reading some other articles about how this could be an excellent time to organize one’s closet. 

You might not have the energy to fix anything. All these single moms did was stay close to their kids and survive. They found a balance between looking for work, freelancing, parenting, and keeping themselves the same. There were some days that they could not feed everyone, could not bathe everyone. And that was not so bad. 

It’s not your job to be the best mother in the world. But it is your job to make sure you survive through all of this. So if you didn’t do the dishes before sending everyone to bed, it too didn’t vacuum the carpet; it’s all okay. You could always do it tomorrow. 

My thoughts on single Moms that survived during the pandemic 

So many different things leave people single. They could either be divorced, separated, or something. The most important thing is that there are kids involved. Do you get it? That’s very important. These strong women have done all they could to keep their kids afloat and survived through the very harsh pandemic that locked everyone at home. Incredibly, some vaccines work now. Like the work, and are doing a great job reducing the COVID 19 case rise across the world.