Great Beginner Plants for the Landscaping Novice

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You might have an interest in landscaping but do not know how to begin or the plants to start with, don’t worry; we have you covered. In this article, we are going to suggest some great plants that you can use for your landscape as a beginner. It is imperative to state that you could always use landscaping companies to help you out with your landscape. Landscaping companies are a great option for maintaining your landscape.

We know that beginning your landscaping journey might seem challenging, but with the right information and plants, it would become way easier. Starting with the right plants can be a great boost for you; some plants do not require much attention, and they would grow and blossom easily.

Great Beginner Plants

These plants are some of my favorites for for beginners, try them out and see.

  1. Catmint: this plant is also referred to as Nepeta. Its bloom is purple and has a nice scent; we consider this one of the best plants for beginners. This plant has several rewards that it could give to you, the colors are bright, and it blooms from around May up to December. It exudes a beautiful fragrance through its leaves. It can grow as wide and as high as fifty centimeters; it thrives in both sandy and loamy soil that is well-drained. It is quite easy to maintain; it does not require extra special things, it will not shrivel up and die if you neglect it a little bit.
  2. African Daisies: this is a Hardy plant that is very colorful and does not require much attention to grow and thrive; this makes it a great choice for beginners. This flower is also referred to as osteospermums. Growing them is quite straightforward, and it blooms for months; they are sure worth the money you would spend on them. They thrive in sandy and loamy soil that is well-drained it requires a reasonable amount of sunshine. Some variations of African daisies are stronger than others, so be sure to check the one you are purchasing.
  3. Fuchsia: This is also one of the best plants out there for beginners. There are shrubs, and they are Perennial; they bloom beautifully radiant flowers that bloom for months. They are very easy to maintain. They can flower from around June till October. When they turn to sticks during winter, all you have to do is prune them very low around February, and they will grow again. They vary in size; they can grow as wide and as tall as one meter.
  4. Mexican Orange Blossom: this is a well-scented shrub that flowers and is quite easy to grow. It can also be called choisya; it is a great plant for beginners that smells awesome. They flower twice every year. It appreciates sunlight and soil that is well-drained. It is a perennial plant that is very hardy.
  5. Nasturtiums: this is a great plant to add to your garden if you are a novice in landscaping; the plants and flowers are cheery and bright. They can also be called Tropaeolum majus; They grow rapidly, their flowers bloom from summer to autumn. They are annual plants that grow rapidly and easily; they are not hard to maintain, they can help control some pests like whitefly. It requires well-drained soil and can grow up to 2.5 meters. They are also edible.


We hope that with the suggestions above, your journey into the world of landscaping as a beginner is a good one. If you feel the task is too tedious for you, you can always contact landscaping companies to help you out.