Disinfect Your Home in These Easy Steps

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Making your house cleaner with detergents and other cleaning materials brings down the total amount of germs and microbes and prevents infection from occurring. Cleaning the surfaces of our homes helps us to get less sick.

Rules in cleaning surfaces.

  1. Clean the surfaces that are regularly touched like the tables, handles of chairs, switches, staircase handles.
  2. Clean the places that look dirty or if has been a long time you have cleaned that area.
  3. Ensure you follow the guidelines of the cleaning product you are using, by checking the label.

Maybe unfortunately someone in the house becomes sick or visitors that came visiting just left and you want to disinfect your house. Here are some tips for making your disinfection process easier.

1. The guidelines on the label of the disinfectant should be strictly followed.

These guidelines include keep out of reach from children, a certain amount of the disinfectant you should use, the objects it should not be used for, let the surface be wet for a particular period with the disinfectant. This will make you not put yourself in any danger. If the surface you are cleaning is too dirty, use soap and water to clean the surface first before disinfecting.

2. Be protected.

Ensure you wear your protective equipment like an eye shield, gloves, boots, and apron. This is to prevent any splashing of dirty on the body.

3. Wash your hands.

Make sure before and after every disinfection process that you wash your hands up to 20 seconds immediately after removing your gloves and before wearing them, do this with soap regularly. If you are not in the area where water and soap are available, you can use Alcohol-based sanitizer to clean your hands for 20 seconds.

4. Ensure that the room is well ventilated while using the disinfectant.

5. If you are going to use water to dilute the disinfectant, ensure that the water is at room temperature (unless stated otherwise in the label).

6. Do not try and combine two or more disinfectant products.

7.While disinfecting a sick person’s clothes make sure your masks and gloves are worn when handling the clothes. Clean the laundry box or hampers, after washing the clothes, wash your hands after doing the dirty laundry.

8. Clean up your electronics

Get a disinfectant wipe for your electronics. The cover of the electronics should be easy to wipe clean, try and follow the guidelines given by the manufacturer on how to clean the electronic device.

9. Keep the cleaning products from where children and your pets won’t be able to get them.

10. While removing the gloves, do it gently to not let the outer part of the gloves do not touch your hands.

11. While taking care of the trash, use a separate waste bin for the sick person. Ensure you wear gloves when handling and throwing away the trash, after disposing of it wash your hands thoroughly.