Cutest Baby Come Home Outfit Options

After carrying your baby for nine months and going through the long but beautiful birth, you want the perfect outfit to bring your new family addition home in. At the same time, you also want them to be comfortable. After all, this is a memory that will be ingrained in your brain forever.

They are your newest little one, the extension of you, so you want to show them off and have them look perfect when they first go home with you. However, choosing the perfect outfit can be overwhelming, because there are so many different options. With that being said, there are things to consider when choosing the perfect baby come home outfit.

4 Ways to Choose the Perfect Baby Come Home Outfit

What Style Do You Want?

This is an extremely special and emotional moment, so you want to be sure that you encompass it perfectly. Choose something that is your ideal style and look, so that that can be what you remember for a lifetime in the photos you take of this special day.

Is it Functional?

While thinking about style and looks, you also want to consider the functionality. After all, it is a baby. You want an outfit that you will be able to swaddle your baby in, buckle them in the car seat, and be easy to take on and off in case of a restroom emergency.

Always Bring Backup

On the first day and beyond, you always want to make sure that you have a backup outfit. You are guaranteed to get spit-up or diaper explosions all over your cute outfits, possibly even the first outfit, so always have a cute second option.

Think About the Weather

Along with functionality, make sure you consider the needs of the baby. If it is hot outside, don’t pack anything that will make them overheat. If it is cold, make sure you add some little socks, gloves, and a baby hat to the mix so they can stay warm.

Cute Baby Come Home Outfit Options for Girls

               Below are some of the cutest baby girl outfit options for when you take your newborn home:

1. Burt’s Bees Baby Romper Jumpsuit 

Being organic, this cute little pink jumpsuit will be both comfortable and sensitive for your sweet baby girl’s skin.

2. Little Me Welcome to the World Set 

This little outfit set is simple yet effective. With a beanie and simple snap on jumpsuit, you have easy access and warmth all in one.

3. Hello World 3-Piece Set 

Your new baby girl is saying hello to the world for the first time, and this outfit shows that off. With cute little gold and pink elements, your girl will look precious going home for the first time.

Cute Baby Come Home Outfit Options for Boys

               Below are some of the cutest baby boy outfit options for when you take your newborn home:

1. New to the Crew 3-Piece Set 

It is true, your baby is new to the crew, so why not show that off to the world with a fresh new outfit?

2. Just Born Take Me Home Set 

This cute little fox outfit is perfect for your sweet little boy. It is monotone in that it is all different variations of grey, but it is perfectly handsome and innocent for your baby boy.

3. Simple Joys by Carter Baby Snap Bodysuit 

You can keep it simple and chic with this simple onesie. Even better than that, it comes in a pack of four, so you have many backups!