Child Abuse Public Service Announcement

Every April marks the annual recognition of the National Child Abuse Prevention. This is to concentrate on letting people know the ways through which they can help stop children from being abused or disregarded.

Most children are getting abused on a regular basis and the painful thing about it is that they are being abused by individuals whom they trust and are looking up to. Some of the abusers are close relatives, neighbors, teachers, fathers, even brothers, and sisters.

The abused children are usually made to keep shut by the very persons who impose damage. They are being warned not to speak to anyone concerning their misfortune and it’s really depressing. This makes it virtually difficult to get help for them else, their abusers will fish them out and make life more horrible for them.

If you do a close survey of the environment you are living in, you will find out that:

●  About 5 children are living with people who aren’t their parents and they constantly get abused.

●  3 out of 5 girls and 2 out of 5boys are always abused sexually. Ask them questions, and you will be shocked that they are yet to be 18.

●  More children are dying every day as a result of abuse and rejection from people they once trusted and called their own.

●  There’s a young lad that’s always popping out with injuries, bruises that can’t be explained, belt marks and terrifying cuts.

●  There’s this child that hardly identifies with his/her mates and is easily withdrawn. Those are one of the signs of an abused child.

●  A certain child is always late to school or never goes at all.

●  There are also children with Injuries that often go untreated.

And if you carry on with your survey, who knows what else you might find?

How You Can Help?

A child isn’t for just one person to raise. You can help prevent child abuse by rendering assistance to an abused child. Children that were abused, grow up to become angry people who tend to end up with a high level of low self-esteem, they also become perpetual abusers. Child abuse doesn’t have to be a physical or violent one before it can be termed one. Everyone has an important function to perform in the prevention of child abuse. To help in preventing child abuse, you need to:

●  Report the abuser to the appropriate authorities.

●  Allow a child to confide in you.

●  If you are opportune to get close to an abused child. Be calm and subtly allow them to tell you their experience.

For parents who found themselves in this evil, it’s advised that you go for parenting classes and seek the help of a therapist. If you are stressed out because of your job, health, relationships, etc. You should get a hold on yourself and understand that your child isn’t the one to pay for it.

In all you do, ensure that you establish an environment that can perfectly harbor children in good health, also endeavor to educate children in and around your vicinity. If you have access to the authorities, do not hesitate to channel your complaint there concerning an abuser.

Help prevent child abuse!