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What are the Top 5 Sororities?

Today many of the people championing women’s rights have actually progressed in their activities, equalities, and public service work. No wonder the enrollment of sororities has grown.

Below are the top five sororities, check it out!

1. Chi Omega

Based on numbers, Chi Omega is the top one sorority. It has over 345,000 initiated members, 243 alumnae chapters, and 180 collegiate. The Chi Omega is known for its popularity. Celebrities and famous people are also part of this sorority. It was founded in the year 1895 at the University of Arkansas. The Chi Omega is the most known sorority and so this makes it the top one.

2. Alpha Kappa Alpha

Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded in the year 1908 at Howard University. This is No. 2 because of its long-term existence and number of members. There are also celebrities in this Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and stands out to be the oldest. The women involved in this sorority are Katherine G, Maya Angelou, Phylicia Rashad, Wanda Sykes, Althea Gibson, Star Jones, Alice Walker, Rose Parks, Kamala Harris, and many more.

This society supports its members through professional and personal development. It enhances social change and is of service to all mankind. It has a total number of 290,000 members coming from across the globe. In the year 2016, the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority donated a sum of $5 million to different community organizations through scholarship and also served more than 2 million families yearly.

3. Kappa Alpha Theta

Kappa Alpha Theta is the No. 3 sorority, and it consists of many numbers of celebrities and famous people. There are over 220,000 international women that are part of this sorority. The celebrities who are part of this society and have pledged to it include Sheryl Crow, Tory Burch, Barbara, Bush, Jenna Bush, Laura Bush, Melinda Gates, Sarah Clark, Claire McCaskill, Katie Lee Joel, Amy Grant, Ann Margret, Dylan Lauren, Cindy McCain, Stephanie Marsh, Rue McClanahan, Kerri Strug, Lynne Cheney.

4. Alpha Delta Pi

Alpha Delta Pi was founded in the year 1851 and is automatically known as the oldest. It was founded at the Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. It is also known as the country’s first secret society for women. In the year 1905, this sorority got the name Alpha Delta Pi. The sorority has grown to 155 chapters active including in the U.S. and Canada.

5. Delta Sigma Theta

Founded at Howard University in the year 1913, Delta Sigma is known as the largest Greek alphabet sorority for black women. Just two months after it was founded, the sisters participated in the women’s suffrage march in Washington D.C.

Over the last century, Delta Sigma Theta has grown to about 1000 chapters and joins in the “five-point,” which includes economic development, international awareness, educational development, political awareness and involvement and physical, and mental health.

These sororities are all important in their own way. They help in socialization and communication, assist others through volunteerism and philanthropy, and make provisions where others can benefit.

How to Teach Kids to Read Music

Teaching someone who doesn’t know how to read music could be challenging. However, it is something you can learn to do with practice and patience, especially if it is broken down into easy steps.

In the beginning, when you start learning the theory of music, it is typically because you want to start learning a particular instrument. This is one of the best ways to start.

Steps in Reading Music for Kids

Learn the Time Values for the Notes

Depending on the child’s age, they could learn how to read music through various rhythmic memory games. They explain the notation of music in a way a child will be able to learn. It is also a bonus that there are fun games that the kids will be happy to learn and play them over and over. To start, you could check out The Note Family Stories eBook. This is a good way for the kids to learn music values.

Learn the Names of the Notes

You could teach kids how to use an animal-themed music memory game to help with learning their note orders. It’s a good way for kids to learn, as they get visual triggers which are easier to put in their minds. Older kids find this method helpful too.

The game goes like this. Introduce Do Re Mi on how to read music.

Do – Re – Mi, or Solfege, is a tried and true way of learning how to read music. It works well. It makes the child sing it out so they can hear themselves singing in their heads.

The Solfege also makes use of games and songs, so young kids can start their training on music.

Understand the Clefs and the Stave

These look a little bit intimidating, but it is best it is explained in a way the kids can see it. Try it in front of an instrument like a piano or a keyboard. Like words written in lines, that’s how music notes should be written too. But for music, you need more lines that go down and up. This is why with stave there are about five lines, while clefs tell you if there are high notes or if they are low notes. High clefs are trebles, while low clefs are bass.

With these basic steps, you’re on the right path to teaching your kids to read music.

How to Ask Someone to Prom Over Zoom

It is prom time, and you might not be bold enough to ask your supposed date over to prom in real life, or because of these unprecedented times, you would have a desire to ask them out to prom over Zoom. That’s an awesome idea! This article would show you how to do it properly over Zoom.

Zoom is a free web service app that is created to handle live videos from multiple people without crawling or stuttering. It is one of the best apps equipped to fill this online communication need right now.

Techniques to Use on How to Ask Someone to Prom Over Zoom

Be Aware of the Risks and Constraints

In tech land, there are no bullies or people that would make you feel like you don’t deserve a date to prom. However, Zoom isn’t so private. The service tells the host of you’ve shown up at the main window. This feature has been created to make the managers know that you’re not playing other games instead of paying attention to the Zoom service.

If you ask someone out for prom through Zoom, know that it can be recorded, so make sure you trust all those on the app. Zoom also shares some data about people who use the application. But it doesn’t share calls with other third parties.

Public vs. Private Zoom Prom Proposal

It is best to set expectations on how you want to ask the guy or girl out for a date to prom. If you want it public, you might not know everyone that shows on the screen. Because on Zoom people can just bump in and bump out, without warning.

A public gathering could be abused easily. Maybe you’ve heard of Zoom-bombing, where people just pop in unexpectedly in a Zoom video conversation. That is not what you want when you are trying to enjoy your prom proposal.

Most times during the public zoom meetings, others could interrupt them and show up things like porn and other things the hosts wouldn’t want to see at all. So you should be wise about your choices. That’s why it’ll probably be best to use a private Zoom account to ask your love interest out for prom. If it is a private Zoom session, you’ll know it is just you and the other person on the screen.

Get Creative 

Some friends like playing different games on the Zoom app, which serves as a theme to the event. You could create a theme too. It could be whatever you desire. It could be romantic, fun, happy, filled with life, anything you desire.

After you’ve gotten the theme on your mind, it is time you think about how you would ask the question.

Are you going to kneel and ask them out? Or are you going to just sit there and tell him or her you want to take them to prom? Whichever choice you choose, it’ll turn out very well. Get creative, and speak from the heart. And best wishes on your special promposal!

Homeschooling Children: School Chairs for the Perfect Home Classroom

Are you dissatisfied with the private school? Homeschooling is being adopted in many parts of the world as parents find the private schools less beneficial for their child. As you may know, to homeschool a child requires a lot of work and time to put in and make it a success. And it requires giving kids a comfortable learning environment in which they’ll listen and take in knowledge for the day. When browsing for your homeschool furniture, what do you need to keep in mind? Well, here are some tips to help you create the perfect homeschool classroom, starting with children’s school chairs.

Homeschool Children’s School Chairs

Confirming the Size

When getting these chairs and furniture, especially from an online market, you want to make sure you carefully check the dimensions of each item. Some are just too big for your child. So you want to try your best to avoid making this mistake.

Making Sure it’s Sturdy

This can be a real hassle, especially if you’re purchasing it from an online store. Checking the sturdiness of your chair is very important, as you might never know when your child might just decide to climb something.

Look for Ergonomically Correct Chairs

You may need to purchase chairs that encourage good posture for your children. To help you make this possible, here are some of the perfect chairs for a creating that setting for a home classroom.

The Open Front Desk: This old-school design is still a perfect homeschool chair. The nice open front desk chair has a great design, and large storage option that you can use to easily store books, drinks, pencils and pen. This option is most suitable for children and teenagers in homeschooling.

Stackable Plastic Chair: A stackable plastic chair is one of the best learning chairs for any home classroom, since it provides comfort and safety. It’s one of the most widely preferred options when going for children’s school chairs. These are also lightweight, making it easier for children to move the chairs. And it’s stackable, in turn saving enough space for other fun activities to hold.

In addition, the quality of the polypropylene is unique making cleaning easy with just a wipe. Also, its bright and brilliant colors make it attractive for children to sit and learn. Durability is undoubtedly one of the best qualities of this product, as is its ability to last for a very long time.In addition to making sure you have safe homeschooling chairs, take care of your kids with supplements for kids like PureNutrients EPA/DHA Gummy by Pure Encapsulations.

Best Boy Scouts Crafts to Make at Home

The Boys Scouts of America offer a safe learning environment to help boys transition into responsible young men. By spending time outdoors and with friends and inspiring leaders, Boy Scouts expand their knowledge of real-life scenarios with kid-friendly adventures and hands-on activities. Here are some fun Boy Scout crafts any troop can try to help achieve their badges and spend a fun afternoon together.

7 Boy Scouts Crafts

Rock Garden Markers

Before they begin creating these rock garden markers, you should consider taking away your river rocks. You should allow them to make whatever size that they crave. Apart from that, this Boy Scouts crafts activity can act as the perfect gifts for their grandparents.

Pipe Cleaner Ninjas

You could have those boys pretending to be ninjas with the pipe cleaner ninjas. Making this quite easy and is something boy scouts should try out.

Balloon Car

Boys tend to love cars. You could have them create balloon cars that they can race with. All they need are a pop bottle, straws, and a balloon. Once they are done, urge them to race with the cars. It will be fun.

Tin Can Lanterns

Who said that one can’t make their own Star Wars tin can lantern? This is something that could be done during a rainy day. Not a Star Wars fan? You can watch the kids use other images to create their favorite tin can lantern.

Paper Rockets

Who wouldn’t want to have a paper rocket? Every Boy Scout will love making it. This will be a fun project for them. You could have them create different paper rockets of different designs.

Dragon Egg

Have you met any Boy Scouts who don’t like dragons, castles, and so on?  You could have them making dragon eggs and pretending to watch them hatch.

Clothespin and Buttons Race Cars

Kids love race cars. Imagine if you told them that they would spend the afternoon making clothespin and buttons race cars; there is a great chance that they would jump for joy. This is what will happen here. All you need are clothespins and buttons.

Transitioning Songs to Get Preschool Kids Moving

It is no news that preschool transitioning songs are capable of ensuring that kids stay true to the activities on a schedule. With the transitioning songs, you can get them moving from an activity to another one. If you want to get the attention of a kid onto another activity, you should consider making use of transitioning songs.

They help them to stay focused on one activity, instead of having their minds being scattered in different directions.

Do you know that music can help kids in remembering things easily? This is because songs have repetitive words and melodies.

Every transitioning song that you use should describe a task. This helps me know what to expect again. Repetition makes kids feel at ease.

Immediately when you tutor kids with these songs and let them know what they should do when the songs are playing, the ideas stick to them.

We have put together preschool transitioning songs that can be utilized in ensuring that kids stay true to a task. This means that you don’t have to be stressed when getting kids to do something, while the kids will enjoy every second of it. 

4 Transitioning Songs for Kids

Good Morning Circle Time

If you are looking for a song that tells kids that it is the start of the day, this is the right one. You should begin by tutoring the kids about the entire song. Tutor them on how to respond to different parts. With this song, kids can understand courtesy, greetings, and how they should begin their day positively.

Hello Neighbor Table Song

When this song is playing, you should get the kids to stand up and shake those around them. This song tutors kids on how to live peacefully with their neighbors. You can have them dance around with their neighbors in the class, and even change partners on a couple of occasions.

Immediately when the song comes to an end, they should stay for the entire day sitting close to their new partners or neighbors. This improves communication and socializing skills. It teaches them the importance of making new friends.

Come to the Carpet Song

With this jazzy song, you can have the kids go towards the carpet. There, they can read or get involved in other carpet activities, as planned by you. This song is short, meaning that you may have to play it twice to get the kids to move. Immediately they are on the carpet, you can have the attention focused by getting them to sing a fingerplay song.

Five Little Monkeys Fingerplay Song/Chant

When you combine songs with fingerplay, it is easier to get them to focus on different things because they are making use of their hands, ears, and eyes.

This is meant to be fun. Once this song is done, the kids will be together and waiting for the next activity.