4 Outside-the-Box Ideas for Christmas Gifts

four brown boxes

Holiday gifts can be stressful, but there’s no need to fear! We’ve got you covered with some fun suggestions that are cute and easy. Check them out below!    

Photo Blocks

This idea requires the least amount of shopping, but it’s one of the most personal. Take some old photo blocks you have lying around, or head to your local thrift store. Then use Modge Podge to create a custom design on the top of each one!

Vinyl Records

This is a unique idea that not everyone will have. Plus, a Harry Styles vinyl has never been more relevant than now with the release of his album. Make sure you jump on this one while there’s still time!     

Tray Ornaments

No matter who you’re shopping for, everyone can appreciate this idea. Find trays at thrift stores and buy some cheap holiday-themed ornaments. Now you have a cute ornament tree! If you want, paint the tray for extra detail.    

Hand-Drawn Map

Do your friends enjoy traveling? Why not get them some local mementos from where they grew up, or their favorite places to visit? You can even include photos of your time together with the map, because it will be special to both of you.

I hope this short list of outside-the-box ideas helps with your gift giving endeavors this holiday season!