2020 Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

2020 brought so many beautiful moments to us in the early parts of the year; however, we began to see some really scary and unpleasant events in the first quarter of the year, not to talk of the coronavirus pandemic that came to crush everything. One good thing that we can say we got from the coronavirus is the Halloween fashion style that we can incorporate on that cool summer evening.

In this article, we’re going to look at some 2020 themed Halloween costume ideas. Most of these will be from different cultures and industries, including the movie and music industries and real-life occurrences. Let’s see some of them.

Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey

You’ll hardly find anyone who doesn’t know this sizzling DC movie that helped us relax our nerves in the early parts of the coronavirus. The Harley Quinn outfit for women is one that you’ll probably see in every Halloween party you’ll enter.

If you don’t find Harley Quinn’s outfit attractive enough, you do know there are four other ladies in the “Birds of Prey” whose outfits would also be cool if you rock them right. Some of them are sexy too. Halloween couldn’t be complete without one of these.

Joe Exotic

Everyone in America should know the story of Joe, the controversial wild cats’ breeder. He got himself into a court case that has kept him in jail for a while now. He has a bizarre and awkward dress sense that you can be sure everyone would relate with at every Halloween party.

Umbrella Academy

This is the kind of Halloween outfit for you and your crew. If your crew includes girls who wouldn’t mind trying out some dark vampire outfits, you better carry them along on this one.

You can choose your coolest character from the TV series The Umbrella Academy and let everyone choose theirs. You don’t need to be following the show to know that an all-black outfit murders any Halloween party. Choose Klaus, Ben, Five, Vanya, Luther, Diego, or Allison, and you’re surely going to make heads turn when you pull up.

Sister Night

Are you willing to invest some good cash in looking outstanding that night? What better way than to look like Sister Night from Watchmen. The outfit is one of the simplest yet coolest you’ll find in the year 2020. All you’ll need is a long skirt, a long sleeve hooded shirt, and a white vest or shirt inside for the finishing touches.


Let’s include a sexy superhero for a change, shall we? You can represent Batwoman’s sexiness on Halloween night with this cool outfit. All you need is a skin-tight jumpsuit, a cool facemask, and red hair. You can substitute the jumpsuit for some tight jeans or leggings, and a tight black shirt. Just don’t forget the mask or the red hair.

Remember that you don’t have to look like the character whose costume you’re imitating. Just represent it well enough that everyone knows that’s what you’re doing.