How to Deal with Disrespectful Children

There is a range of books out there by authors with Ph.Ds in child behavioral psychology that dish out advice on how to deal with disrespectful children. Some of these books claim that children are disrespectful for a variety of reasons. It could be because they are faced with a circumstance that they are not comfortable with or are facing certain issues in their lives. … Continue reading How to Deal with Disrespectful Children »

How to Get Rid of Hiccups for Kids

People have put forward several reasons why we get hiccups. Some have suggested that hiccups happen when the diaphragm is irritated either due to excitement or eating too much or too quickly. Others have mentioned that hiccups happen when extra signals are sent from the brain to the diaphragm which leads to the latter contracting too quickly. No matter what you believe, hiccups can be … Continue reading How to Get Rid of Hiccups for Kids »

How to Homeschool Kindergarten?

Kindergarten is a formative period in the life of a child. This period usually shapes or determines how people view education in the long run. If their Kindergarten years yielded no positive experience, people tend to have a bad attitude towards learning. The reverse is usually the case when they can relate memories of their kindergarten with fondness and excitement. The choice of what form … Continue reading How to Homeschool Kindergarten? »

How to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Obesity isn’t just the condition of being fat- there is nothing medically wrong with fat. Obesity is a medical condition that involves the presence of excessive body fat which leaves the body vulnerable to health problems. Childhood Obesity has been adjudged by medical experts to be the leading cause of coronary heart disease in adults. To prevent childhood obesity, parents must take the following steps: … Continue reading How to Prevent Childhood Obesity »

Disinfect Your Home in These Easy Steps

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Making your house cleaner with detergents and other cleaning materials brings down the total amount of germs and microbes and prevents infection from occurring. Cleaning the surfaces of our homes helps us to get less sick. Rules in cleaning surfaces. Clean the surfaces that are regularly touched like the tables, handles of chairs, switches, staircase handles. Clean the places that look dirty or if has … Continue reading Disinfect Your Home in These Easy Steps »

These Parenting Types Are Most Effective During Adolescence


Parenting style affects every area of your child, from the way he or she eats, sleeps, or behaves to dealing with problems and interacting with people. The adolescence age is when some say that parenting becomes hard cause they want to make their own decisions and live his or her life. But there is some parenting style that researchers have found out that there are … Continue reading These Parenting Types Are Most Effective During Adolescence »