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Top Reasons to Homeschool Kids

For many kids, the thought of homeschooling seems pretty boring and basic. While for others, especially the introverted ones, this is the preferred option. Nonetheless, some kids feel that homeschooling is “uncool” or limits their social interactions with others. The truth is, you can’t really tell what it’s like to be homeschooled unless you’ve been homeschooled. Today, there are over 2.3 million homeschool kids in the U.S. It’s a traditional practice that’s now becoming mainstream.

There are actually several advantages of homeschooling kids, and yes, it should be an option when considering which school to send your kid to.

5 Benefits for Kids to Attend a Homeschool

Better quality of education.

Several state schools have adopted Common Core, which means that more students are being enrolled in a school at once, budgets are lower, and your kid’s education suffers in the meantime. With so many students to look out for, it is very easy for kids to end up going through school and not learning everything they’re supposed to.

In essence, the school system is designed to make students memorize things and regurgitate them. When you homeschool kids; however, they can focus on the curriculum and learn things that actually matter. This means that while they will learn the usual topics like finding the circumference of a circle and the history of the U.S. presidents, they can also learn how to use a computer and even pay bills.

No bullying.

One of the worst things that can happen to a kid is being bullied at school. This can bring your kid to their lowest and generally destroy their self-esteem. Bullied kids are hardly ever happy and find it difficult to concentrate on learning. Oftentimes, kids will not tell anyone they are being bullied. It is wise to homeschool kids to be assured that they will not be bullied at school and can focus on actually learning.

Positive environment.

The world, in general, keeps getting worse day by day. In essence, schools are not left out. In fact, a lot of the craziness we see today started from the school environment. Kids are exposed to all sorts of negative stuff, from unsuitable music and videos to alcohol, drugs, and harmful behaviors. It is advisable to homeschool kids to prevent their minds from being corrupted on a daily basis.

Kids will enjoy learning.

Almost all kids hate school, and this is because of the method of learning typical to the conventional school system. Homework, assignments, and more homework only make kids unwilling to learn. With homeschooling, you can discover how best your kid learns and teach them in that way. Some kids learn better when you teach them in a hands-on or visual way, and this is hardly ever the case in state schools.

Flexible curriculum.

Kids that are homeschooled get to learn at different times of the day. Homeschooling allows you to adopt the normal school curriculum but still incorporate more interesting factors such as gardening, working on a car, or anything that comes up in daily life. It is non-restrictive and gives kids the opportunity to try new things.

For a lot of parents and kids, the homeschool option makes sense. What will you choose when it comes to your child’s education?

Pregnancy Announcements with Pets

Every day, it seems there is something new to try out and a completely different way to do things. In the past, pregnancy was normally announced by the woman with hinted statements or by simply saying: “You’re going to be a father.” Of course, the reactions may be mixed, but well, the message got across. Nowadays, there’s a cooler way to announce pregnancy – you guessed it, with your pet! For many couples, their pet was actually their first baby, and what better way to announce the arrival of a new baby than with the help of your favorite furbaby!

How to Do Pregnancy Announcements with Pets

Pregnancy announcements with pets are absolutely cute and make the whole occasion really sweet. Most pregnancy announcements with pets involve dogs or cats, but it is not unlikely to see one with a horse or a pet bird. It seems pretty difficult to do one with a pet goldfish, but then again, there is nothing impossible if you believe.

The general idea behind pregnancy announcements is to use your pet to break the good news to your spouse, family, or friends – usually on social media through a clever or humorous photograph. Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to get your pet to talk (but wouldn’t that be awesome?), instead the pet is often dressed up with a board or sign next to it with certain words that show a new baby is coming.

Better yet, you can attach a little note to your pet’s collar. Other ideas include the pet holding the scanned pictures of the baby. All these are general ideas for pregnancy announcements with pets, but here is some specific verbiage to use to announce that you’re adding a new human to the world.

Pregnancy Announcements with Pets: Signs and Slogans

No longer the baby.

You could get a white note or page, and write the words “I thought I was your only baby,” or “No longer the baby.” Get your pet to hold this and take it to your spouse (or take a photo and post it to social media). You’re sure to get an “Aww” reaction! This does not only point out that there’s a baby coming, but it also reminds you that your pet will always be your first baby and doesn’t want to lose your attention when the new baby arrives.

Big brother/sister.

Another option is to get a board with the words “big brother” (or “big sister”) written on it, set it next to your pet coupled with flowers, and boom, you’ve got the cutest image of a pregnancy announcement. It doesn’t take a soothsayer to figure out that a baby is on the way!

Our parents are making us a human.

This works if you have more than one pet, as they can both be set with a board displaying these words. That way, no furbaby is left out in the announcement.

It’s a boy/girl!

This is one of the best lines to use, as it goes straight to the point. It offers a lot of information at once!

While pregnancy announcements with pets are absolutely lovely, they do require a bit of practice, as you wouldn’t want your pet tearing up the board or not sitting still.

How will you announce your pregnancy?